Adorable Quick Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial from H&P Artistry

Adorable Quick Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

Adorable Quick Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

The Next few post will be all about Babies starting with the Adorable Quick Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial. For some reason a large number of people I know are having Babies in the next few weeks to months and I wanted to be sure everyone is covered. I choose the burp cloth today because it is quick easy and a super useful gift.


Cloth Diapers – can be found at any baby store and chain store
Cotton fabric – pre-washed and ironed.
Basic sewing supplies – something to cut with, pins, ruler, sewing machine. (you could sew by hand but the machine is quicker)
Step 1


Measure the center of the diaper. The ones I choose have a little padding in the center and I used that as my guide. I have learned that the diapers are not usually square on the edges and most of the lines are not straight you just have to use your judgement and a good ruler to keep your center strait.

Step 2


Cut strips to the measurements you need. Be sure to add your seam allowance and fold allowance an extra inch works. (If you are making more than one work in an assembly line and do each step for all burp cloths at once. It will save time and energy.)

Step 3

Iron and fold

Iron and fold corners

Iron. Fold in your edges and Iron them. This allows for a clean edge when you top stitch the fabric in place.

Step 4

Place and pin

Place the fabric and pin. At this point you may have to adjust the fabric to match up with the diaper. (like I said the diapers are not perfectly even on all sides or in the center.)

Assembly line

Assembly line

Step 5

Top stitch down

Top stitch all around the edges. Be sure to stitch over the folded edges. As always Back Stitch.

Burp Cloth

Complete set

You can Iron them again if you want but they are complete after you trim you excess thread.

Option 2
You can embroider cute designs on the cloth diapers for a different look.
I purchased the design set from Designs by JuJu.

Sticky stabilizer and hoop

Sticky stabilizer and hoop

Stitch design

Stitch design

Embroidered burp cloth

Embroidered burp cloth

What is your favorite baby gift?

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