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Awesome Blogger List July

Awesome Bloggers List July

The Awesome Blogger List July is The Awesome Vlogger List this month. A vlog is a video blog and there are some really wonderful vlogs to follow. July’s vlogs cover everything from parenting, lifestyle, food, and animals. The beauty of these types of blogs/vlogs is the perspective on the world and the ability to see the world through another persons eyes. All of the vloggers are different and defiantly worth the follow. I have a tremendous respect for these vloggers and their opinions. Be sure to subscribe to their vlogs/blogs and follow them on social media to get even more insight into their worlds. If you have any bloggers you think I should check out or that you think should be added to the list let me know in the comments, on Social Media or e-mail me at

Pooja Mahimkar

Pooja is so fun to watch and a I really enjoy seeing the world through her eyes. I like being able to get to know a new place in such a real way. She is funny, charming, and interesting to watch.


The Mrs Tee

This lady is fantastic, fun, and fabulous. (is that enough alliteration) Mrs. Tee shares everything from lifestyle to reviews in her own wonderful way.


Carter the Kid Animal Expert

Carter is one of my family favorites, everyone loves to watch his videos. From 3 to 63 he shares information in such a real way that you can not help but be engaged by his enthusiasm and knowledge. The fact that he is young shows other kids that age is not a boundary to discovery.


The kiddo has her favorites as well the number one on her list is Joey Graceffa. She has watched this cool kid for a very long time (We even own his book) and he has facilitated some really good conversations on acceptance and being yourself.  He is also super adorable.

Joey Graceffa for lifestyle Vlog and Joey Graceffa for Gaming stuff

A few tips for your teens and YouTube.

Know what they are watching – I watch videos with the Kiddo (even if I don’t particularly find the content funny or interesting) to make sure the content is acceptable. There is crazy stuff out there people.

Limit time on line – Having a cell phone makes it super easy to watch videos constantly. Some YouTubers (Like Joey) Set timers for their videos – I used that as a way to reinforce timers with the Kiddo when she was younger. Now she knows that the timers are for video purposes but the habit is already in place. Yay me for finding the timer early yay you because now you know how to reinforce timers.

Share an account – I know most teens will set up an account on their own. If you start early you can see what the kiddos are watching and how long. You can start to help them make better online decisions that way.


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Have a great July guys and don’t forget to let me know your favorite bloggers and vloggers. I might just add them to my list.

Wishing you Luck and Love





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