Awesome Blogger List May from H&P Artistry

Awesome Blogger List May

Awesome Bloggers List May

I have 5 talented and wonderful bloggers on the Awesome Blogger List May to share with you this month. May’s blogs cover everything from parenting, different types of families, to creativity and expression. I have a tremendous respect for these bloggers and their opinions. Be sure to subscribe to their blogs and follow them on social media to get even more insight into their worlds. If you have any bloggers you think I should check out or that you think should be added to the list let me know in the comments, on Social Media or e-mail me at I’m looking to do a Dad blogger list next month so send me the links to your favorite Dad bloggers. They do not have to blog about parenting, they do have to be a dad.

Imperfect Families – Nicole is a parent coach and is married with children. She gives great advice and tips on parenting. On those days when you aren’t sure what to do as a parent her blog is a great informational resource. She even has some of the touch stone questions categorized for you from tantrums and arguments to being okay with being imperfect. This is a blog worth the read.

One Ruud Mom – Jules is well… incredible! She is one of my top 10 favorite bloggers. Her blog is about family. Jules is married with three children two boys at home and one daughter in an open adoption situation. She talks about her own adoption and her process of choosing an open adoption for her daughter. Her journey and story pull at my heart-strings, make me laugh and, offer a look at life in a new way. You don’t just read her blog you get to know Jules.

Views from a Step Stool – Katie is cool. Really if I were walking into the cafeteria of motherhood I would want to sit at her table. She is married with three kids and blogs about parenting , learning, and making it fun at the same time. She has a masters in Educational Psychology and background in special education so Katie really does know how to make learning and experiencing life fun for both you and your children. Pick you topic from arts and crafts or science, to sensory or learning through play and she has it on her blog.

Twitchetts РThese ladies are creative, inventive and sisters. They tackle everything from crafts  and food to parties and life. Subscribe to the site because they have awesome opt-ins. I love them for it and you will too.

Susie is an Army wife and mother with a serious creative streak. She inspires me to kick my creativity up a notch all the time. Kate is a wife, mother and so fun and creative as well. I appreciate them and I know (since you are my readers) you will too.

Check out my other Awesome Bloggers lists links below.

Have a great April guys and don’t forget to let me know your favorite bloggers. I might just add them to my list.

Wishing you Luck and Love


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