Awesome Bloggers List for April from H&P Artistry

Awesome Bloggers List for April

Awesome Bloggers List for April

I have 5 Incredibly Awesome Bloggers to share with you this month. April’s blogs cover child development, lifestyle, business, and fashion.  I have a great respect for these tremendous bloggers and their opinions. Be sure to subscribe to their blogs and follow them on social media to get even more insight into their worlds. If you have any bloggers you think I should check out or that you think should be added to the list let me know in the comments, on Social Media or e-mail me at  I’m looking to do a Dad blogger list soon so send me the links to your favorite Dad bloggers.

Mosswood Connections –  Shela and Sarah are “a couple of play therapists who happen to be parents.” The ladies help with the development of all children with a focus on those with special needs. They have a way of opening up the world and adding a beauty and peace that is much-needed. “Mosswood Connections is a resource for childhood development, education and special needs. Our activities are based on the idea that learning should be fun.”

Homemade Experience – “Tessa is a Kansas City lady that “love(s) talking babies, motherhood, lifestyle and wife-ing (whatever that means)” She writes all things Marriage and Health to Kansas City and DIYs and everything in between. Her blog is honest, full of life, and fun to read. If you are planning a trip to Kansas City she has some great info for you and great places to visit.

Bloom Your Craft – Linda is “helping artists and makers navigate their business”. If you need to know how to license your business name she has the info and so much more. She has created a fantastic community through the web site and a Facebook group. She has fantastic resources and advice. I can give Bloom Your Craft two thumbs up because the information from her site is helping me to get ready to open up my spot at our local Farmers Market.

Bauchle Fashion – Heather is “a writer and addict of all things ‘Fashion, Beauty and Soul’ related.” You know I love anyone who can connect their passion and soul to the world around them and Heather does just that in her own personal way. Her Blog is an online Magazine that started with vintage and modern fashion and now covers so much more. If you love fashion and glamour this is your place to be.

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Have a great April guys and don’t forget to let me know your favorite bloggers. I might just add them to my list.

Wishing you Luck and Love


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