Awesome Bloggers List for February from H&P Artistry

Awesome Bloggers List for February

Awesome Bloggers List for February

I have 4 truly awesome Bloggers to share with you this month. They cover everything from tech to fitness, parenting to virtual assistants. I have a great respect for and have learned much from their blogs and social media accounts. Be sure to subscribe to their blogs and follow them on social media.

NYC Tech Mommy – Monica is the queen of all things tech. She hosts a Mommy Appy Hour on Periscope and offers great tech tips on her blog for everyone from kids to adults. She is a New Yorker, Teacher, Mom, and all round awesome lady. She has blog posts covering everything from car and kid organization, Class DoJo, to tips for busy moms. Check out her blog for all your tech needs.

The Parenting Skill –  Mercedes is an incredible Parenting Coach. She offers a 7 day parenting challenge that I took and loved. She offers parents a place to learn and ask questions with out judgement. And really, we all need that at some point or another. She is a Californian and offers local parent coaching as well as online “shame-free no non-sense” parenting advice.

Verified Mom, Tots to Teens Magazine, and Phyllis Pometta – Phyllis is amazing she has three blogs reaching out to different demographics.  Verified Mom is her way of finding her voice and releasing her creative side through writing. She covers Body and Mind, food, and home as well as all things Phyllis.  Tots to teens magazine is all about “product reviews and parenting news” all for tots, kids, teens, and moms. The reviews are honest and the information invaluable. is her virtual executive assistant site. If you are a blogger this is the place to go to learn about and hire Phyllis as your virtual assistant.

Rachael Novello Fitness – Rachael is fantastic! She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist and her goal is to “help empower, uplift and support other women as we journey through all stages of our lives”. Getting to know Rachael through Periscope has allowed me to see that she practices what she preaches and is committed to helping others reach their fitness goals. Rachael offers many ways to coach you from in home to online.

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Wishing You Luck ,Love and a Happy Valentines Day

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6 thoughts on “Awesome Bloggers List for February

  1. Phyllis

    Thank you so much for including me in your feature! I’m in great company too! It’s the one thing about blogging that I’ve enjoyed most; getting to know so many awesome & supportive women! Thanks again for thinking of me, it’s definitely appreciated! ❤️

  2. NYC Tech Mommy

    This is awesome! Thanks for including me in this wonderful list! Love all of these ladies, fabulous bloggers that share wonderful stories and resources. Love connecting and learning from all of my blogger friends 🙂


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