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Awesome Bloggers List June

Awesome Bloggers List June

It’s time to Celebrate Dads and today. I have 4 talented and super awesome Dads who blog on the Awesome Blogger List June to share with you this month. June’s blogs cover everything from parenting, families, to tech. The beauty of these blogs is the perspective on the world. After reading and researching many different blogs I found that there is a different tone between Dad and Mom bloggers and the Dad blogs are a refreshing and often hilarious change of pace. I have a tremendous respect for these bloggers and their opinions. Be sure to subscribe to their blogs and follow them on social media to get even more insight into their worlds. If you have any bloggers you think I should check out or that you think should be added to the list let me know in the comments, on Social Media or e-mail me at I’m looking to do a Vlogger/blogger list next month so send me the links to your favorite Vlogger/bloggers. The Kiddo already has a list a mile long from Joey to Ollie so get your favs. nominated.

1 Awesome Dad – Eric was nominated my so many people that there was no way he was not going to be on this list. He is a Father, a husband, and a children’s rights advocate. On Eric”s blog he shares “parenting tips and advice… with the goal of helping parents raise their children peacefully and consciously.” He has the blog, a fantastic Facebook page, and offers Consulting sessions. He believes in Peaceful Parenting and the more I read and learn from Eric and about this parenting style the more interested I become. You will too so check out his blog.

Tynology – Tyler’s Blog is right up my alley he covers everything from Tech to Parenting, Travel to Entertainment. He is a “Jack of all trades” with the tag line “Husband Father and Enthusiast” his wife has a blog too and she is just as fantastic. (He has a link to her blog on his about page I’ll link to her in a future Awesome Bloggers.) Like me his goal is to share knowledge and inspire others, so of course I love the blog. For you bloggers reading this his graphics and blog ascetic are on point. Tyler is a must read Blogger.

Busy Dad Blog – Dad of many and loving it. Jim is a dad and his day job is in PR and Marketing he blogs about parenting. (Although he has a fantastic post up right now that I know you bloggers will love on Brand-Blogger relations.) This guy is funny and keeps you scrolling down the page for more. If you are not already following his blog you should be, so follow… now.

Dad and Buried – Mike is a father of two boys and blogs about his parenting world. He is funny and irreverent and hits all the truths in parenting even some of the ones we don’t usually say out loud. He is the “Anti-Parent Parent” and aren’t we all a little bit. He doesn’t pretend to be a parenting expert just read the “Parental Adversary” section of the blog and enjoy.


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Have a great June guys and don’t forget to let me know your favorite bloggers and vloggers. I might just add them to my list.

Wishing you Luck and Love

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