Diaper Clutch Tutorial from H&P Artistry

Diaper Clutch Tutorial

Diaper Clutch Tutorial

Today my Dears,
We are making a diaper clutch. It is so very cute and useful. The clutch itself has a pocket to hold wipes and diapers and a wipeable side for changing baby.
The cool thing about this projects id that I used a Vinyl table-cloth for the wipeable side. repurpose, repurpose , repurpose.


Duck Fabric – 1/2 yard (Why duck? Because it is durable.)
Vinyl table-cloth or laminated fabric – 1/2 yard
Velcro – (I chose sticky and ended up sewing it down anyway)
Quilt batting – I chose baby blanket batting because it is not as thick and I can keep a bag around for lots of projects.

Step 1
Cut fabric
I cut 35″ x 13″. Remember you are creating a folded pocket at the bottom. When you cut the batting take off the height of the pocket. Mine was 7 inches. This makes it easier to sew the pocket sides.

Measure 1

Measure 2

Measure 3

I used the vinyl as a template to cut out the duck fabric.

Template 1

Template 2

Here are the cut pieces.

cut pieces

Step 2


Layer the fabric. Remember that you are turning the fabric out and make sure right sides are together between the duck and the vinyl. (The first time I did this project I layered wrong and when I turned the piece out the batting was on the outside. Not cool or fun!)

Step 3



Be careful with the vinyl the pin holes will show. Be sure that you pin in the seam allowance. Some people I know use binder clips instead of pins and then you do not have to worry. I just had pins available. Leave an opening for turning.

Step 4

Match thread to project



I matched my thread to the fabric. I did it now so that I would not forget when it is time for top stitching.

Back Stitch corners

Don’t forget to back-stitch the corners.

Zig zag

I ran a zigzag around the edge as well to add support to the seams. This thing will get a lot of use and you do not want it to pull apart.

Step 5

Snip corners


Trim your corners and turn out. Do no Iron, the Vinyl will melt and ruin your project, iron, and ironing board!!!!! If you have wrinkles place a towel in the dryer and get it hot, Lay it over the fabric and put a large book or something heavy over it the heat will help loosen the wrinkles.

Step 6

Stitch closed

Fold your opening under and Top stitch. I chose a zig zag because I like a good zig zag stitch.

Step 7

Velcro pocket

Velcro top

Velcro – (You can stitch your velcro in place before you stitch the pieces together.)
I choose to stitch last for two reasons.
1 The added stability of sewing through both sides of fabric. I thought of this later.
2. the real reason – I bought sticky velcro thinking It would work and it didn’t so I had to sew it in place.
You can also stitch a folded piece of ribbon in the opening space and have the clutch tie closed.

Step 8

The pocket
Fold the pocket up and test placement. (I added a cute ribbon for decoration. If you choose to decorate do it before you sew the pocket down.)

Folded bottom

Option 1 is a fold accordion style.

Flat pocket


Option 2 is a flat straight stitch. I choose flat.


Test out the pocket and you are done.

Open clutch

Diaper Clutch

I added a piece of ribbon to the top to cover the stitch marks from the velcro.

open changing mat

Wishing you Luck and Love,
He had to help!

My Helper

My Helper

What is your favorite Baby Travel item?

Wishing you Luck and Love January

Wishing you Luck and Love January

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