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Blue Jean Apron UpCycle

Blue Jean Apron UpCycle tutorial from H&P Artistry

Blue Jean Apron UpCycle

Today’s tutorial is a fun way to upcycle an old pair of blue jeans. Maybe it is the southern girl in me but I love the blue jeans and pearls combination that this apron brings to mind. What better way to make an apron than with a pair of pockets already in place. The Rose lace fabric of the old skirt is one of my favorites and works wonderfully with the ruggedness of the faded jeans.
Apron: Old blue jeans
Trim: I used a skirt my daughter didn’t want anymore
Basic sewing supplies

Video for kids apron upcycle is at the bottom of the post.


Step 1
Cut the jeans to the length you want for the apron. I cut a little below the pockets.


Cut on the outsides of the existing seams. This adds stability and there will be less fraying over time. I happen top like the gradual fray to soften the edges. If you do not like it you can bring the ruffle all the way around, use fray check (but it does not last on this project), hem the edges or use bias tape.


Step 2
Cut your ruffle. I cut my strip one and a half times the width of the apron. The skirt has a lining so I cut it as well and it added to the fullness of the ruffle.


Step 3
Stitch the ruffle right sides together. I ruffled as I went but you can set your tension to 0 and use your longest stitch length to stitch the ruffle only. The take the thread and pull one side sliding the fabric together. You have a ruffle. Just pin it to the apron to be sure your ruffles stay even.
I also fake surged to prevent fraying.


You have your apron base.



To add a little detail and to keep from hemming the ruffle I used pinking sheers on the edges.


Step 4
The waistband ties.
Cut you strips. be sure to have enough length for the ties and the waist band.
Stitch right sides together on both sides of the sash and across one end.


Turn the band right side out.


Fold in the open edge and stitch closed.


Step 5
Thread the sash through the belt loops and center it.

belt tie

Step 6
Stitch the sash into place. I just stitched the center but you can stitch both edges as well for an even weight distribution.

stay stitch

Project Complete

Valentine up cycle



For a kids version check out the YouTube video below.


What is your favorite type of apron a full apron or a half apron?

Wishing you Luck and Love January

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2 thoughts on “Blue Jean Apron UpCycle

  1. This is soooooo cute!! I am going to have to add this to my mommy please list 🙂 she does all of the sewing!

    1. I’m so glad you like it. The video I’m posting next week is for a kids version so stay tuned. 🙂

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