Kitchen Towel Hanger Tutorial from

Hanging Kitchen Towel with Potholder Tutorial

Hanging Kitchen Towel with Potholder Tutorial

5 Minute Monday

I love quick projects that are super useful. Today’s project is both and all you need is a trip to the $ store or whatever cool kitchen towel store you like. I use kitchen and tea towels every day. I would rather not use a bunch of paper towels when a kitchen towel will do to job. The only problem is if I drape the towels over the stove handle or through the refrigerator handle they tend to end up on the floor. My first stop for that little issue id the elastic Kitchen towel holder, the second is this fun combination of kitchen towel and pot holder. My Best friend gave me these towels and potholders and I love them bunches so of course I used them for this project.

I’m trying a new set up for the pictures and steps so let me know what you think. If you like it better the old way let me know and I will re-post the original way.  Just click on the pictures for detailed instructions.

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