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Skirt to Pillow Tutorial

Skirt to Pillow Tutorial

I know it’s not until next week and tomorrow is St Valentine’s day but I like to get a kick start. Happy Valentines Day!
I wanted to give you something fun and easy today. How to turn anything in to a Pillow (even that cute Mardi Gras skirt or that t-shirt with the valentines hearts). The first thing you need to know is if you can close up all the sides and can stuff it. . . You can make it into a pillow. The second thing is that it is quick and you just might surprise yourself. The Main photo shows two pillows. The red pillow was a tank top in another life and the black is a skirt my daughter out grew but loved (Refused to let me donate) so pillow time. I love to re-purpose anything I can rather than waste anything. If I can re-purpose it then I donate it.

Stuffing: Some form of fiber fill or even your scrap fabric that is two small to do anything else with.
Pillow item: Mine is a skirt
Basic sewing machine stuff (You can sew this project by hand, it will just take longer)

SP Materials

Step 1
Lay out the skirt and then turn inside out.

Layout skirt

Step 2
Pin the bottom like crazy. (It looks all bunched up because the bottom of this skirt has elastic in the bottom to make the skirt bubble. You could cut it and smooth everything out, but I like the gathers and bubble of the fabric.)


Step 3
Turn the pillow right-side out (See it is a pillow now, no longer a skirt)
Stuff to your hearts content.


Step 4
Pin the waist band. (You can remove the waist band or the elastic here if you like the smooth look.)

Pin again

Step 5
Stitch it closed. I used a 3 point zigzag here to be sure that the pillow was closed securely.


My end result!

I added a bow for a little color. Good luck and have fun.

Add a bow and your done

Wishing You Luck ,Love and a Happy Valentines Day

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