New Years Eve Traditions and Free Printable from H&P Artistry

New Years Eve Traditions and Free Printable

New Years Eve Traditions and Free Printable

Every year for many years my friends and I get together on New Years Eve and Celebrate the end of the old and the beginning of the new. This year is going to be a little different. I am not having or going to a New Years Eve party. I am helping to host one though. This year is all about the Kiddo and her friends. With all the loss this year I really do not feel like celebrating, I do feel like laughing and enjoying the joy, fun, and novelty of the Kids first New Years Eve Party.

I am continuing an old tradition from New Years past by teaching the kids the wishing game. I am happy to share the game/tradition with you as well.

To start print out the Printable Wish sheet and cut out the strips of paper

New Years Wishes(1) New Years Wishes

In many Cultures people have New Years Resolutions. Resolutions tend to last for a few minutes to a few weeks so my friends and I have New Years Wishes. You write one wish for you and one wish for someone else on a strip of paper. Then burn the paper in a fireplace, fire pit, bon fire etc. Let the Universe know your wish and set it free. Like a Birthday wish, you do not tell your wishes. (At least until they come true anyway)

The idea is to wish well for yourself and others to start the New Year off with hope and gratitude. Like any goal your wish is more likely to come true when you put in the effort to achieve said goal. For you personal wish at least.

I will however, tell you one wish for the New Year.

I wish you, dear reader, abundance, joy and laughter every day of the next year. I am grateful for you and to you always.


Wishing you Luck and Love January

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