H&P Artistry One Page Media Kit Word doc to edit

One Page Media Kit Template

One Page Media Kit Template

Hi guys. I had some requests for the one page media kit template that I created in Word. I was going to e-mail it to everyone but thought this would be a more effective way of sharing the information.

Feel free to download the template and edit it.

Media Kit

The document has:

A logo in the header

A photo (Made in Canva.com) in the top left corner

Two tables to hold the basic info about the Blog


About Me

Featured on

Metrics and Social Media

Services (You can add a prices start at $ if you want)

List of favorite posts. (With Hyperlinks)

I have the logos of the two brands I have worked with so far on the bottom

The footer:

e-mail contact

web address

Social media handle

There are tons of ways to edit the page and make it your own. This is a basic jumping off point. I will have a <jumping off point > price sheet soon.

If you need any help with the form let me know and I could do a Periscope to show how to edit the doc. Let me know if that would be helpful.

You ma also like the Blogging Tips and Check Lists

Good luck guys.

Wishing you Luck and Love January

Wishing you Luck and Love January


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