Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

Sewing an Apron

Sewing an Apron

One of the first things I made when I started sewing again was an apron. The Kiddo and I had a blast Sewing an Apron for each cook in the family for Christmas and thus began the H&P Artistry Brand. I’ve had a great response from the sewing tutorials and from showing you how I make the products that I sell on Etsy that, I thought, I would show you how I made one of the items up for sale right now.



1 – 27″ x 17″ rectangle for apron base

2 – 35″ x 4″ for apron ties

1 – 19″ x 4″ for waistband

1 package rick rack 1/2″ to 1″

Pocket optional 2 – 8.5 x 8.5 squares for outer pocket and lining.

Basic sewing supplies

Step 1

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

Cut out the base of the apron 27″ x 17″. You can leave it rectangular or curve the corners like I did. If you curve the corners and nip in the waist fold the fabric in half so that both sides match.

Step 2

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

Cut out the ties and the waist band. I Iron the waist band in half and iron a 1/4″ to 1/2″ seam along the long edges to form a clean seam. Fold in both sides and iron them as well. This leaves a clean edge for the ties.

Step 3

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

Sew the ties right sides together leaving one side open for turning. A chop stick is a great help when turning a long tie. It can also help with achieving a crisp corner. Iron the ties flat with the seam at the bottom.

Step 4

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

Sew the rick rack along the right side edges of the apron base. Sew down the center of the rick rack. Fold over to the back to form a decorative hem.

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

Fold the raw edge under and sew the hem and edging in place. I like the look of the scalloped edge from the rick rack. You could hem all the way around and not use rick rack if you like.

Step 5

Gather or pleat the apron base to fit in the waist band. Pleat every few inches or to gather set your machine to the longest stitch and the tension to 0. (Do not back-stitch) Sew 1/4″ along the top of the apron base. Pull on the loose thread to gather the fabric. If you pull the thread out when gathering tie a knot in one side of the thread and gather from the other.

Step 6

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

Lay the gathered apron base into the folded waist band. Then tuck your ties in place between the back waist band and the apron base. Pin in place and top stitch all the way around the band securing the apron and ties in place. make sure to catch the back of the waistband as well.

(The rick rack would not be on yet, I forgot to take a pic before adding the rick rack. sorry.)

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

I top stitch Rick Rack along the base of the waist band for added detail.

Step 7

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

I like to paper piece quilting blocks and use them for pockets. I used the same process to line the pocket as you do to make a pillow. Sewing all the way around the square leaving an opening for turning. Then I top stitch all the way around the block to close the seam. You could leave the pocket unlined and hem around the raw edges, but I think it looks better this way.

Step 8

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

Pin the pocket in place where you want it and sew 3 sides leaving the top open. Back stitch the start and stop points.

Sewing an Apron from H&P Artistry

The apron is now ready to wear.

Do you wear aprons? What is your favorite apron style?

If you would like to buy an Apron go to the H & P Artistry Etsy Shop. Feel free to contact me for custom orders.

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