Burlesque Bustle Tutorial from H&P Artistry

The Burlesque Bustle Tutorial

The Burlesque Bustle Tutorial

Hi Guys,

Since October is coming soon and that brings Halloween I wanted to re-share a fun Tutorial from January 2015. The Burlesque Bustle.

This bustle was a very specific order for a costume party. The Basic construction can be altered to make a tutu, a layered petticoat, or build up the bustle to wear under a Victorian costume. These are so fun and easy to make fit your own style. You can even trade the ribbon for beading. lace, or fringe. I hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it. 

WIN_20150105_131039Burlesque Bustle Tutorial from www.HandPArtistry.com

3 to 7 yards tulle (bolt not strips yardage depends on the fullness you want)
1/2 yard stretchy velvet
2″ black elastic (enough for waste band)
2″ red satin ribbon (1 roll)
1″ red satin (2 rolls)
Forgive the photos, I was trying out a different camera and It just did not take great pics.


Measurements are based on the individuals height and waste size.
I’m not posting her measurements.
Step 1
Measures the longest length of the bustle we choose 31″ at 4 layers. So divide 4 into 31 to get the spacing measurements of 7.75 inches.

Step 2

Lay out and cut tulle. add 1″ for the waist seam allowance. Cut an extra top layer for the front of the bustle. I folded the tulle in half to cut the strips.

Hustle bustle

Hustle Bustle

Step 3
Sew the ribbon to the bottom edge of the tulle. Match your thread to the ribbon. lay ribbon shiny side down with tulle matching up with the edge on top and sew down the center. I fold over about 1″ of ribbon on both ends to leave a clean edge.

Hustle Bustle

Hustle Bustle

Step 4
Lay out tulle right side down and match the top edges. Baste them together using black thread to match the elastic.




Step 5
Cut the elastic at the waist measurement and stitch to close the circle. I do not add any measurement for the seam allowance if anything I would take away to make the elastic snug.


Step 6
Pin. Find the halfway point on each side and pin the edges to the elastic.


Then find the center point in the elastic and in the tulle and pin.




Find the center point between each pin and follow the same step as above. Stitch.


Go slowly and use a sturdy needle because I broke two needles between stretching the elastic and the thickness of the elastic.




Step 7

Line up the front piece of tulle with the front of the elastic and pin. Sew by  following the steps above.

Technically you could stop here but I added a few things.
Addition 1
A 2″ red ribbon stitched to the center front of the waistband. This makes a clean look and a great bow in the back.

Addition 2
I hand stitches a few red beads to the tulle to add sparkle.



Addition 3
I made a skirt to layer under the tulle for added luxury and coverage. You can add the skirt to the elastic but I choose to make it separate. Next time I will make the skirt more A-Line and attach it to the Bustle.

Stretchy velvet cut a rectangle the width of the waist and the length of the top layer of tulle.


Hem the top and bottom edges of the skirt and stitch the seam to make a circle.
Done, The stretch in the velvet makes the need for elastic in the waist unnecessary.



You could add trim to the velvet if you want.

I hope you guys like this tutorial because I loved making it.

I Plan to make another tulle skirt very soon and will post a tutorial when I do.

What is your favorite costume? What would your dream Halloween costume be?

Wishing you Luck and Love,


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