Valentine Felt Envelope Tutorial from H&P Artistry

Valentine Felt Envelope Tutorial

Valentine Felt Envelope Tutorial

I have to admit I miss the days that I could take The Kiddo to the store and pick a Box of Valentines. This project is a little more advanced than writing names on envelopes but it is super cute and special. For the Kiddo at the tween age special and individualized beats out box o’Valentine any day.  You can adjust the envelope size to fit your box of conversation hearts. Have fun and use your imagination.For a no sew option use fusible webbing or hot glue.

Felt rectangles in red and pink
Sticky Velcro
glue (tacky or hot glue will work)
Jewels or buttons for decorations
fabric pencil
Basic sewing materials. You can machine sew or hand sew.


Step 1
Layer and cut your felt.

Step 1 layer

step 1 cut

Step 2
Decide on the folds for your envelope. How deep do you want the envelope to be vs. the closure flap.

Step 2 folds

Step 2 folds

Mark the flap lines


Step 3
Cut the flaps. You can also wait to pin the sides and then cut the flaps. I choose different designs for each flap.

Step 3 flaps

Step 4
Pin the sides and stitch. I started the stitching at the bottom corner and stitched up and around the flap and back to the opposite corner. Be sure to tack stitch or back-stitch at each corner.

Step 4 pin and sew

Step 5
Trim and place your Velcro. You can add glue to be sure the Velcro stays stuck to the fabric. Most sticky Velcro likes to pill away from the fabric. Normally I would stitch the Velcro but for the envelopes glue works.

Step 5 velcro

Step 5 velcro

Step 6
Decorate the envelopes. I used jewels and buttons.

Step 6 decorate

The glue dries clear. I forgot to take a pic of the dried glue and the Kiddo brought them to school the next day.

Complete set of 6

These envelopes hold a small box of conversation hearts. You can make them bigger or smaller as needed.

H and P Artistry has a great Felt envelope tutorial for Valentine goodies

Wishing You Luck ,Love and a Happy Valentines Day

Wishing You Luck, Love, and a Happy Valentines Day

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